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Albany, Rensselaer, Schenectady, Troy, Saratoga Springs

Type of Site: Hyperlocal
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All Over Albany is a site that is dedicated to report local and relevant news to its subscribers within the greater Albany area. At the top of the home page there is a blue background with a black skyline of the Albany area in front of it. The only image that is above this skyline is another ad that usually is placed there for an extended period of time. Under the skyline is the title of the website written in white. All Over Albany is a pretty simply designed web site that uses pictures, excerpts and links from articles to give you a preview about what the issue is about. There are much more small summaries with links than there are excerpts from larger stories. They have formatted the website to have a picture relating to the article above the small excerpt. A few of these articles are not just small excerpts; they are just short summaries of the picture that is above them. When this is the case they always have a link in the summary that will send you directly to the website in which that story is featured. The home page has very few advertisements on it, and the few that are present are placed mostly on the right side of the page. These advertisements are formatted similarly to the articles. There is normally a picture relating the ad right above a brief description of what the advertisement. There are always a good amount of articles excerpts that are displayed on the home page of this website. Each of which has a photograph that gives the audience a visual to go along with the text. Stories that are reported on this site vary anything from recent crimes or police action that have taken place in the area, to the best places to get certain types of food. The website also has multiple taps at the top left part of the home page that include different categories of interest for their readers. These taps include “People”, “Food”, “Stuff To Do”, “Maps”, “Archive”, “Feeds”, and “About”. Below these taps is a part of the page call “The Scoop”. The Scoop serves as a sort of search bar for the web site. The purpose of this search bar is so that you can type in anything that has occurred around the Albany area and see if the site has done research and an article about whatever you were curios about. It is clear that this website was not created with the intention to provide incredible amounts of detail into certain topics. It’s more meant to get you started on finding cool things around the area and things that you may not have known about.

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The stories that are posted on the home page are updated regularly. Every day there is a new story about relevant events that are going on around the greater Albany area. The newest stories are posted at the top of the homepage, while the older the story the farther down it is posted on the site. At the end of each week the website does a quick review of the important stories that were posted on the homepage throughout the week. This is a quick summary of all of the main stories that have been posted on the homepage throughout the week. This is a very effective tool for many reasons. For one they can’t assume that their readers check the site every day, and because they update the site with new stories every day its safe to assume that some of their readers will miss some stories from certain days. This review of the week gives the readers a chance to make sure they didn’t miss anything vital to them because they didn’t check the site on a particular day. A perfect example of this occurred on the 13th of May.

Here is a perfect example of how the site uses the use of links to direct their audience to things that may be relevant to them. Each separate picture in the example above was a story that was posted on the homepage throughout the week. Each orange underlined text below the picture is a link that when clicked sends you to a new site that covers the story more in detail.

It is pretty obvious that the authors are people who run this site care deeply about their community, and our passionate about what they do. They upload several stories a day with the intention of making their readers life’s more interesting. Each story they post is meant to be interesting and shed light on topics or events that are less well known. While the short length of the text with their articles may come across as lazy, I feel as though it is the exact opposite. As it says in the “About” tap on the site “But it's (the site) not about the final word. AOA is a place to start: conversations, connections, your day.” The point of this site is to get you interested in certain things you may not otherwise be interested in, and with the quantity and quality of the content posted on this site you can tell that these people are incredibly passionate about what they do.

As it says on the site, the purpose of this hyperlocal news source is to inform their audience about fun things that are going around in the Albany area, and some things that they need to know. “…a healthy dose of stuff you never knew you wanted or needed to know.” These topics include anything from recent relevant crimes that have occurred (things you need to know), to fun festivals that are going on around town (things you may not know about). People who use this website use it to get starting information about things that are going on around the city. They use the links that are posted to get more information about events or anything else posted on the site that interests them. The majority of the people that use this site are either 45-54 or 65 and older. This is very interesting because it shows that the older generation is relying on websites like this to find out about things that are going on around their city. And based off the pictures and advertisements that have been present on this site, I think its pretty safe to assume that the majority of their audience is occasion.

This site is open to the entire public. As stated earlier in this report, the target audience for this site is Albany, Troy, Schenectady, Rensselaer, and Saratoga Springs. This has a relatively large audience for a hyperlocal news source, and because of this their stories do cover relatively large areas. Ads are present but not overwhelming, and there is a pretty remarkable balance between stories and advertisements. The use of picture above the text is really used to grab the attention of the reader, and the short text below makes it easy to figure out if the topic is something you are interested in quickly.

Overall I believe that this site is genius. They have taken a great idea, which is to find interesting topics and present them to their audience, and have executed it very well. The use of images and short texts really make it easy for the reader to find what is happening around they area that is interesting. Most of the stories that are posted on the page are actually very interesting and very relevant. It is easy to see that the authors of this site have good taste, and if I could find a similar site that existed in Charlotte, NC I would absolutely take advantage of it. My only critique of the site would be the complete lack of diversity in the pictures that have been posted. In the fourteen days that I examined this site, there was only two people of color that were represented on the page above the fold. That is an incredibly low number, and something that should be addressed. Aside from that I have nothing but positive feedback for this hyperlocal news site.

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