Ars Technica
Justin Osborne

Dates of Analysis: April 2nd, 2013- April 15th, 2013

Geographic Reach: covers the California area


Type of Site: This site is a hyper local/state website in California

Demographic Summary: The Ars Technica website covers California. The Alexa demographics for this portion shows us that there are more men than women that live in this area. California is a great state to live in. The Alexa chart also shows that people between the age of 18 and 24 mostly live here followed by the age group of 25 through 34. This shows that younger people like to stay in this particular area of California. This research also shows that most of the residents either are in college or have attended some college in the past. It is also likely to see residents without children than with children. This area is predominately Caucasian.
Alex ars.png

Alexa 2 Ars.jpg

Representation: The home page of the site is white, black and red over the site. The site does use advertising. I have seen different ads every day over the process of collecting screen grabs for this site. Ads appeared at the top, the bottom, and all through out the page. The home page is formatted by having the title of the page in red at the top. Under the title is a tool bar where you can choose what category you would like to search through. The stories then are showed under the tool bar where there are two columns of stories going all down the page. Through out the process the page did not change and no images were used. Excerpts of stories are used on the homepage and you have an option to read the full story.

Chart: Images were not used for this websites home page

Production: The homepage stories changed every day but you still had a chance to read stories from a previous day you missed. The later the stories were the farther they went down the page. Stories were written by different people. The role of the design process of the site was made to target teenage to adult viewers because one day you would see an article for a video game and also there will be national news or area news on the page.

arstech home.jpg

Identity: What I can tell about the designer of this website is he is probably younger. I say this because of the way the website is set up and what the article covers on a daily basis. When I saw an article about a video game that I actually play I immediately thought that the designer had to be a younger adult. This site is also used for entertainment as well. I have seen a couple funny articles that are going on.

Consumption: This product is used for an information news source to inform readers about events and other news going on in the area. The information is directed at men and women who want to know about what is happening around their area. The page can also be targeted at teenagers and adults because of the stories and articles the site consists of. The page also produces issues that are occurring in the area, but you probably will have to scroll down and look at the title of each article to find out what you are looking for. California is a big place to cover, but this site is very consistent with announcing important information to their residents in this area.

Regulation: With the stories taking up most of the page, the ads have limited space to show their business idea. Ads are still visible but could be advertised a little more to benefit the company. This site is for the public because of the opportunity to share things from this page on Facebook and Twitter. Government regulation is different for this site because it allows this site to cover the area of California. It also gives you an option to share with Google and email.

Evaluation: What I analyzed from this page is that the designer probably is younger because of the articles the site consists of and also how it is set up. During the process of collecting the screen grabs for this site, the page stayed the same the entire time and it showed no images. As of right now on the site there are pictures shown in articles and I can see a few on the homepage. I feel the site could have had more pictures to intrigue the viewer even more.

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